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lol you probably didn't even watch the episode, the episode literally ends with the school deciding to let anyone use the bathroom they're most comfortable with, except for a special bathroom for people who are uncomfortable around trans people designed "to keep them away from the normal people who don't care."


Hello there anon.

You’re right; I didn’t watch the episode. I find South Park too blatantly offensive to watch. I usually only know what my brother tells me when he goes “HEY DID YOU SEE SOUTH PARK LAST NIGHT OH MY GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD” and then proceeds to be offensive in the name of a joke.

Having not seen the episode, the only exposure I got about their “social commentary” was what they posted on twitter. Without context, that was more offensive than anything I’ve seen in the media lately (bravo on that by the way). And you can’t yell at me about not being allowed to complain because I ‘don’t have the context necessary to see the whole picture’; they need to be aware that their audience sometimes includes people who aren’t interested in the show.

It’s not that hard to avoid being offensive. lol.

^^main reason I don’t watch South Park. It’s TOO offensive to be funny.